Why Choose Starnes Maintenance

Protecting Your Investment, We Can Help!

Complimenting our Service and Installation Departments, Starnes Inc. Heating and  Cooling  offers Preventive Maintenance Programs customized to fit your HVAC needs and requirements.
During preventive maintenance, we address:

  • coil cleaning
  • treating drains
  • lubricating system
  • completing equipment checklist

Like an insurance policy for your HVAC system, the Preventive Maintenance Program is designed to accomplish the following;

  • Reduce repair cost and unnecessary downtime during extreme conditions
  • Maintain efficiency throughout the systems’ life, providing lower energy cost
  • Protect the investment by extending the systems’ life
  • Improve indoor air quality, providing a more comfortable, healthier environment

We strive to provide all these benefits to our valued customers.

Prolonging the Life of Your Equipment, We Can Help!

Our Service Manager, ten Senior Technicians, and a fully staffed office to ensure that all preventive maintenance remains on schedule and no customer is ever overlooked.

We monitor the health and needs of your equipment, making it one less thing for you to worry about.

Your Starnes Inc. Heating and Cooling technician evaluates and analyzes the HVAC systems’ overall condition and operation, which is then recorded in our database. These records and our experience, allow us to continue to advise you of your HVAC system current condition, as well as, any present or future needs.

We can help. Give us a call 800-STARNES (800-782-7637).